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CRIO Deployment

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Is it possible to deploy your code to the Crio, and have it saved on there and not have to deploy it again? Because everytime I start up the robot, I have to redeploy the code which usually takes 2-3 minutes

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Accepted by Team 4376

You can deploy a compiled application to the cRIO (meaning the code runs on its own, you don't need to connect to it from LabVIEW and you can't get to the front panels of the VIs).  You will need to do this prior to the competition.  The default robot project should have a build specification for a real-time application.  Right-click the build specification, choose Build.  After it finishes compiling, right-click again and choose Deploy, then Set as Startup.  Your code will start the next time you reboot the cRIO.  If you connect to it within LabVIEW when there is a startup application running, you'll get a warning that connecting to the cRIO will stop the application.  You can just click "Next" when this warning appears.

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See Tutorial 4 from the Tutorials Tab in LabVIEW

Scroll down to

Building and Deploying a Stand-Alone Application

It will walk you through the steps you need.

Tutorial 4.png

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