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CAN Jaguar 44089 error

I am getting an error code 44089 from when trying to set up and use the CAN jaguar but can find no info on this error. Jajuar will drive motor in PWM mode butnotover serial RS-232/CAN from cRIO.


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Fixed the 44089 error. cRIO Image not set for CAN plugin.  Now motor runs but not in positiom control as set. Getting a 44087 error now.

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Hello Dennis,

Would it be possible to post a screenshot, or example VI with the functions generating these errors?


Patrick Corcoran
Application Engineering Specialist | Control
National Instruments

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I fixed the 44089 error. Had the console switch on on the cRIO. Now I get a 44087 error.

The Jaguar and motors run now but do not follow the position. Encoders give position out but the wheel turns multiple revolutions until the position out value matches the angle setpoint, stops, then reverses, and repeats. Will try inverting the drive or encoder tonight.


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