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Bugs in the Talon SRX vis when using position.

Our team has been really struggling with Using the Talon SRX for position of a robotic arm.

Specifically trying to use the absolute position function of the new CTR magnetic encoders.

We discovered a problem with the CTR example code and later the in the CAN Talon SRX pallet.

This vi is attempting to convert the "New Sensor Position" input from rotation to native units twice. So in our case it was multiplying the input data by 16,777,216 and setting this value as the current position.

The details can be found on Git Hub located at

It is unclear who is the owner of this problem as it is in the LabVIEW distribution of the WPI drivers for CTR's Talon SRX.

Can the NI people that monitor these threads make sure this issues gets sent to the correct people that can fix it.

Our team has lost a lot of time on this issue and I would like others who are doing Talon SRX position control to be aware of this issue.


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for bringing this issue forward. From a support perspective, the examples you are referencing are not owned/supported by NI. However, posting the issue here as well as at Github is helpful as other FRC teams use these examples.


Samuel Sydney

Applications Engineer - Austin

National Instruments

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