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Bug in "Dashboard" prevents publishing control from the custom tab

Normally, when you add a control to the 'custom' tab on a custom dashboard, it gets added to the list of variables available from the netwrok tables so there is nothing else to do to get its value on the roboRIO.

This year there is a new 'camera' tab which change the numeric value of the tab control when 'basic' or 'custom' is selected. Since the enum constants that are supposed to have the same values as the tab control are not a type def, some of them have not been updated properly, so the controls on the 'custom' are not published.

Attached is a corrected version of 'dashboard' that has been corrected for that. Hopefully that is the only place it needed to be updated. If you already worked on you custom dashboard, you can find the change in the disable structure on the left, just above the oreange line.


Hope that help. And may that be another incitatice to use type def wherever you can.




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