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[Archived] FRC 2014 Dashboard Tutorial

This page is archived and no longer updated by National Instruments.


Dashboard Tutorial


  • Introduction
  • Drivers & Motors
  • Checklist
  • Smart Dashboard (Variables Tab)
  • Adding an Encoder to the Smart Dashboard
  • Conclusion

Custom Dashboard.png

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
Active Participant sciencewhiz
Active Participant

I don't see where the guage is renamed to Right Motor Encoder. It's called Guage at the top of page 5 and the picture at the top of page six is called Right Motor Encoder. It won't work unless the object is renamed to Right Motor Encoder.

Additionally, it would probably be worth mentioning that this method only works on the Operation tab. Otherwise, SmartDashboard get must be used.

Member PeacefulPaul

Just a simplistic overview of what's in the dashboard. It completely ignored the Dashboard pallette, its 14 Smart Dashboard functions and other functions.  What I had hope for was to figure out how to read a sensor on the dashboard that could communicate with other actuators. All it showed was an introduction.