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Any chance that some kind soul can help

I started doing a full reinstall of Labview in the hopes that it might resolve some issues that I'm having with the varioius labview tools, and then realized that the Labview disk is in the hands of one of the students, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get it back.  So .... I'm looking for a link to an iso image of the disk so that I can download it and get it installed sooner rather than later.

Thanks for any help.

---Michael J Coss Mentor team 303, 869, 3637

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Hi Michael,

Currently we don't have a download-able ISO containing the full FRC 2013 software installation. There are two options to get the DVD:

1. Contact US FIRST and have the DVD expedited to you by the replacement parts process:

2. I am more than sure that other teams in your region/area will be helpful in lending you their DVD installer. Everybody will have the same DVD/Software installer.

Hope this helps,


Aldo A
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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