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Analog devices adxrs453z

Hello Eveyone

We would like to use an Analog Devices ADXRS453Z gyroscope. It is not an analog gyroscope, it is digital gyroscope that communicates through the SPI interface. We used the labview example code for adxrs453 spi gyro. The numbers (angle) we are getting back is just continuously increasing (into the negatives).  I have attached the pictures of the code.

Thank you in advance

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Hello eccmaster2015,

Are you connecting via USB? This example expects a USB connection to run correctly.


Kristen M

Automated Test Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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It sounds like you have gyro drift.  You can probe the value that is accumulated (the wire that goes into the Add) and check for it to be 0.  You may need to add an offset to make it be 0 when the device is not rotating.  This is what the analog gyros already have to do.

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yes, it is connected by usb

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