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2nd year files w/ new RoboRIO

Hi, We're a 2nd year team, so we just have a little experience with Labview. I located the preprogrammed files like teleop and autonomous under the folder 2nd year project, but they're listed under Team Code under RT Compact RIO. Do we use these same files with the new RoboRIO? Thanks.

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LabView always saves projects in Documents/LabView Data unless you specify something different. So your Robot and Dashboard projects from previous years should be in that directory as well as any of this years projects.

Last years code might work..or might not. However, you should be using FRC 2015 LabView and FRC 2015 Utilites and create a new robot project. You can most likely use the LabView VI's you created from last year or copy parts of your code from last years VI to the this years VIs.

Good Luck

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