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2017 vision example missing calculate particle scores vi


when i open the labview vision example 2017 in the vision support code im missing the calculate partical where is the vi located so i can point the project explorer to the vi. it is on a windows 10 computer. i can find the 2015 and 2016  calculate partical score vi in there folders but not in the 2017 folder  C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2016\examples\FRC\roboRIO\Vision\2017 Vision Example\Vision Support Code


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It will take a long time, but you can try re-downloading and reinstalling (don't forget to uninstall first).

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i am taking a guess here but i think the problem was that we did not have a serial number for kickoff and the install required the serial number to install the vi. all i did was reinstall the software and it seems happy now.

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I was getting a similar error, but we were getting pixel data but the distance calculations always was "inf".  The target detection was always red, but we were getting a very good mask. I was using a Laptop (Windows 10) with last year's version still installed.  I uninstalled all versions of Labview and did a new install last night.  I'll let you know if this fixed the problem tonight.

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Sorry to say this but it's not working still!!! Multiple different downloads from various students and the vi is still missing reinstall did not work.. ni please fix

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I have a presentation using this example so I took some time to figure it out.

If you right click the Calculate Particle and go to Find -> Callers it should say "No items were found." This means that the VI is not being used in the project. 

Next Right click it again and click "Remove from Project"

It will give a warning but it is ok. 


As far as I can tell, it looks like someone coppied the 2016 Example and then forgot to remove the referance in the project after they deleted the physical file. 

I have done this and was able to get the example project to work on the roboRIO.


If you want to see me do this live feel free to join us tonight 5 - 7pm Central time for a webcast on how to use this example with your robot.  Here is the link for the webcast:

If you are in Oklahoma, we will be at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, OK Room D60. 

I will post a link to this webcast once we get it posted.

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