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2017 MS LifeCam causing RoboRio to bootloop:


When trying to plug in the USB camera (MS LifeCam HD) we found that is causing the RoboRio to boot-loop (RoboRio keeps rebooting ever 7-10 seconds) in the following manner:
- All LEDs go off - 0 second mark
- Power, Status and RSL go orange after a second
- Power turns green at about 3-4 second
- All lights go off in 2-3 more seconds and the loop restarts

Unplugging the camera stops the bootloop. Battery level is showing at 90% ~ 12.4V.

Firmware version: 3.0.0f0
Image version: FRC_roboRIO_2017_v8

We have not reimaged or updated firmware on the RoboRio - it has stock firmware that it shipped with. We are using LabView for programming, and the Rio has LabView Robot code installed (built and deployed to the robot from LabView).

I see some errors like the ones below in the systems log viewer web page on the Rio:

spidev spi1.0: buggy DT: spidev listed directly in DT


UBIFS assert failed in ubifs_set_page_dirty at 1419 (pid 1106)

Additional info:

 - Camera works perfectly when attached to a Win10 x64 laptop

 - Doesnt seem to be a short in the USB pins: if we attach any other USB device - say a mouse receiver - there is no bootloop


Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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