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2 USB Camera - USBBandWithLimitation Java

Our team is using 2 usb cameras plugged into a 4 port hub.  The hub is plugged into 1 usb port on the RoboRio.  We can view 1 camera at a time but not both without getting an error saying we have exceed our USBBandwith limitation.  We would like to stream video for 2 cameras at a time.  Does anyone know how to do this?  We tried removing the hub and plug both directly into the roborio and it does the same thing.  Also, what is the bandwith amount we are allowed to use?


Our cameras are set up with 320X240 10fps right now,




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We aren't really rules experts or Java experts, but I'd point you towards R66b in the manual.  It'll share FIRST's BW limitations as well as provides a guide on how to manage that requirement.

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NI manual?  FIRST FRC Manual?  The only Java commands I am running are the following:




Thank you for your help.

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