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Using C# to sync AI and AO



I am implementing a C# solution to control a microscope and I am having some trouble to acquire the data. I am using the example code provided by NI, MultiFunctionSyncAIAO.2013, which works fine if the sample rate is low, but when I increase it I get the error message: The application is not able to keep up with the hardware acquisition. Is there anybody that can tell me which modifications to the code I need to do in order to be able to use high sample rates?


Thank you for your help!

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Member UMASO

Hi, if you are using any of NI DAQ devices, this place is not the right place to post questions.  I recommend you to post on a community where many DAQ users are active.  This place is for users with FPGA devices.  


Below Knowledgebase may help your situation.  Are you using DAQmx driver?  What hardware are you using?


Understanding and Avoiding NI-DAQmx Overwrite and Overflow Errors