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Using the NI VeriStand .NET API in LabVIEW to Control a VeriStand System


This example combines multiple shipping examples, as well as some custom code, to perform various actions on a VeriStand system using the VeriStand .NET API in LabVIEW.


This example is intended to give a full picture view of a typical implementation of the VeriStand API. This code demonstrates the following:

  • Deploy a System Definition File
  • Get a list of model parameters
  • Read & Modify model parameters
  • Monitor model state and model time
  • Read multiple channel values
  • Un-deploy the System Definition File



  • LabVIEW 2013 or compatible
  • VeriStand 2013 or compatible


  • None

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Open the attached VI
  2. Using the file path control, browse to the Sinewave Delay.nivssdf example
  3. Specify the IP Address of your Gateway
  4. Run the VI
  5. Modify different model parameters and observe the affects of the changes on the channel outputs

Additional Information or References


**This document has been updated to meet the current required format for the NI Code Exchange.**

Member Nico_EMC

I think you've forget to let the "attached VI"

But it's easy to recreate it with the diagram picture, so thanks for this exemple

Active Participant Ryan_S
Active Participant

Hey Nico,

I'm not sure what happened, I think the file used to be there. I re-made it real quick so the file won't look identical to the pictures but it should work properly. Enjoy!

Member Nico_EMC

Thank you, it works well

Member beavercreek

I created a 2012 version of the vi.  Any reason it should not work?

Active Participant Ryan_S
Active Participant

It should work. The API calls made in the example would be the same for 2012 as in 2013+. However, if you "created" the VI by doing a "save for previous" you may need to re-link the .NET assemblies to the function calls. If it's not working, I'd recommend contacting support.

Member meBaga

Hi Ryan,

How can I use the same if my veristand project is running in RT. I have posted the problem statement Here. Can you please look into that once?