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Using LabWindows/CVI Code Module Enumerated Values in TestStand


This example demonstrates how to define an enumeration in a CVI DLL that can be detected in the parameters pane in a calling Step in TestStand.



To Create an enumeration in a CVI DLL, it is necessary to define a function panel (fp) for the enum variable.  Instructions for completing this can be found here:


KnowledgeBase: TestStand and LabWindows/CVI Enumeration Data Types


After implementing these steps, the parameter pane will show a dropdown for the enum parameter




Hardware and Software Requirements

CVI Enumerated Values - TS2014.zip

TestStand 2014 or compatible

LabWindows/CVI 2012 or compatible


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Open the attached example sequence file, and select the DLL call step
  2. Observe that the enum parameter provides a drop-down in the parameters pane


Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand