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Use of Start and Reference Trigger Together with niScope


This example is based on niScope EX Configured Acquisition.vi that installs with the NI-SCOPE driver. For information on front panel inputs, configuration, and external connections, please refer to the VI documentation for that example. 


This example demonstrates the use of a start and reference trigger together. The digitizer in use will only accept the reference trigger after the start trigger has been received. Thus, a common use case is setting the digitizer to wait on a reference trigger from a repeating source, such as a pulse train or sample clock. The user can then decide to use the nth pulse in a series of pulses, or trigger from a sample clock pulse after a start trigger has been received from another source. 


This example also uses an external reference clock, however this is optional. To remove reference clock functionality refer to step 7 on the block diagram.


Hardware and Software Requirements


LabVIEW 7.1 or compatible




PXI-5124, PXI-5122, PXI-5621, PXI-5911, PXI-5922, NI PXIe-5122, PCI-5112, PCI-5114, PCI-5122, PCI-5124, PCI-5911, PCI-5922, PCI-5102, NI PCIe-5122, DAQCard-5102, PXI-5102, PXI-5112, PXI-5114, PXI-5620


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Choose the name of your device from Resource Name dropdown box.
  2. Configure your vertical, horizontal, and channel parameters in the corresponding boxes of the front panel.
  3. Configure your trigger parameters, including the trigger source for your start trigger and the trigger source for your reference trigger. The start trigger must be received once before the reference trigger can initiate each individual acquisition to occur.
  4. Press run.
  5. To end the program, press STOP on the Front Panel.


Additional Information or References

Triggering - NI-Scope Help