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Serial control of Basler A500 cameras

Screenshot-BaslerA504kCommand.vi Front Panel *-1.png

Functional Description

According to the camera compatibility report, Basler cameras like the A504k(c) cannot be fully controlled by MAX, and useful parameters like the exposure time or the frame rate need to be set using the somehow inconvenient utility program CCT+, provided by Basler. However, programmatic control via Labview is perfectly possible, just implementing the specific protocol for binary serial commands over Camera Link, described in the camera manual.

Additional Notes

This VI was developed for an A504k camera, but the binary communication protocol should be the same also for the A501k(c) and A503k(c).

The camera file provided by IMAQ lists a wrong terminator character, so that IMAQ Serial Read.vi is not effective, and IMAQ read bytes.vi has to be used instead: see this forum thread.

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Trusted Enthusiast

great utility and nice coding style!!

thanks for sharing ;-)

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Antoine Chalons

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Nice coding.

Is there VI files for Basler acA2040 180km camera, if it so please let me know where can i find them.

Many Thanks