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Read Data from Spreadsheet (.csv) and Display in LabVIEW


This example will read a .csv file and display it in an array indicator.




This example shows how you can use the Read from Spreadsheet VI to pull data from a spreadsheet. In order to directly read Microsoft Excel files we need to use the Report Generation Toolkit (examples in Help»Find Examples), but in Excel you can save a spreadsheet as a Comma Separated Value file (CSV) and you can read that using the Read from Spreadsheet VI.


While this example will not necessarily work for all formats of spreadsheets, it demonstrates the usage of the delimiter and should be a good starting point to build an application.


To Write to a CSV Spreadsheet file check out this example: Getting Started: Write Continuous Data to Spreadsheet (CSV) with Headers




LabVIEW 2012 (or compatible)



Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. First save your spreadsheet as a csv file Click here for help doing this in Microsoft Excel. Or use the csv File in the Zipped Folder
  2. Unzip the attached folder "Read From Spreadsheet_LV2012_NI Verified.zip" to your computer and Open the Read from Spreadsheet VI

  3. Set the path to your csv file

  4. Set the My File has Row Headers switch to on

  5. Run the VI


Additional Information or References

Front Panel

Front Panel.PNG


Block Diagram







**This document has been updated to meet the current required format for the NI Code Exchange.**

Member streetpoet

really helpful.

Member juanitoing84

¿Where is MyData.csv?

Member Horus91

thanks you

Member syrpimp

Create a dummy file with extension name .csv to evaluate this program

Thank you & Best regards

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Member Corelab

How do you get it to read both characters and numbers from all the rows. Each row has columns mixed with both characters and numbers and this just takes the number out to display besides the first row.

Member dilaekayati

How to get an fft from csv file ? I have vibration sensor data in csv from excel file. The 1st column is time data, the 2nd column is the data itself. This is my email dilaekayati@gmail.com . I've tried many fft function , but none of them show the fft  i really want.my fft project.jpg

Member dilaekayati

here is the front panel result when i run the block diagram :

my fft project fp.jpg

Member Meins321

can you upload your version somewhere? thank you!

Member abouMouadh

thank you for this helpfull exemple it's a very good explanationSmiley LOL