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NI Motion Assistant: Plotting a position profile in a 3D graph


This code demonstrates how to plot the move profile from a straight line move generated with NI Motion Assistant in a 3D graph.



You can use the NI Motion Assistant to quickly develop motion applications. You can graphically construct, preview, and test motion applications without writing code. It is sometimes desired to show the operator of the machine the position profile as 3D graph.

The data to do so can be generated with the functions provided by the NI Motion Assistant and shown in a regular 3D graph provided by LabVIEW. This VI demonstrates the approach on a simple Straight Line Move, but it can be easily extended for more complex position profiles.




  • LabVIEW Base Development System 2012 (or compatible)
  • NI Motion Assistant 15.0 (or compatible)
  • If running in a Real-Time context, you will need the LabVIEW Real-Time Module 2012 (or compatible)


  • No hardware is necessary to use this example VI


 Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Download and open the attached VI
  2. Run the VI


Additional Information or References

Plot Move Profile In 3D - Front Panel.png
 Plot Move Profile In 3D - Block Diagram.png


 **The code for this example has been edited to meet the new Community Example Style Guidelines. The edited copy is marked with the text ‘NIVerified’. Read here for more information about the new Example Guidelines and Community Platform.**