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Change the Location of LabVIEW Front Panel based on Socket Index in TestStand


This example provides a subVI that can be called in your code module that will position instances of your code modules based on the test socket of the calling sequence.   



If you are not familiar with the parallel and batch process models in TestStand, read the following document before using this example:


TestStand Process Model Theory


This example demonstrates how you can use a code module to set the bounds for code module VIs based on its associated socket index.  When executing in the parallel batch model, each parallel execution has a unique 0-based socket index to identify it, accessible using this property




By passing this property to the code module, the example code tiles each panel so it is clear which socket they are associated with.




The implementation for this positioning is located in the SetBoundsBySocket.vi, which can be copied and used in other applications. This subVI also updates the title of the panel to indicate the test socket.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Set Bounds By Test Socket - TS2012.zip

TestStand 2012 or Compatible

LabVIEW 2013 or Compatible


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Open the attached sequence file, and execute it using Execute » Single Pass.  The sequence file is configured to use the batch process model and will execute the sequence in 4 separate test sockets. 
  2. Observe that the code module is tiled such that you can see the front panel of each module 


Additional Information or References






Richard S -- National Instruments --Applications Engineer -- Data Acquisition with TestStand