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WPF Graph with Multiple Plots and Vertical Axes in Measurement Studio


 This program utilizes the WPF Writable Graph control to display two plots on the same graph with two vertical axes.


 This program primarily illustrates creating and binding two plots to a WPF Graph in C#. The two plots are stored in a 2D array, which is used as the DataSource. This program also incorporates two vertical axes with independent scaling, bound to their respective plots using XAML. For more in-depth documentation, see the link below.

Hardware and Software Requirements

 Measurement Studio 2015 with Visual Studio 2013, 2015, or 2017

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Download and unzip the solution
  2. Open the solution in Visual Studio
  3. Run the project

Additional Information or References

How to: Plot and Chart with the Measurement Studio WPF Graph Control