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Verify LabVIEW communication to ORTEC MCB (multi-channel buffer) hardware


ORTEC multi-channel buffer (MCB) devices can be controlled via LabVIEW using OCX components provided by the vendor with their Connections driver (also bundled with Maestro or Scintivision analytic products).



This VI was written as a sanity check to verify device communications via LabVIEW--in our use case to the ORTEC DigiBase USB hardware. NOTA BENE: The VI WILL NOT RUN UNDER 64-bit LabVIEW. It will run under 32-bit LabVIEW on a 64-bit platform.

Hardware and Software Requirements

- An MCB device must be connected.

- The operator must know that device's driver-installation-time ID. That decimal integer must be presented as string to the Address property for the UMCBI Connection V2.ctl.



Steps to Implement or Execute Code

- The communication depends on proper registration of the vendor OCX component with the operating system. Vendor drivers prior to Connections 8 did not register the OCX components for you.

- The communication depends on successful import of the vendor OCX components into LabVIEW -- normally placed as controls on the .NET & ActiveX palette via the menu Tools > Import > ActiveX Controls to Palette...



Additional Information or References