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Triggered Data Recording with DIAdem DAC


In certain cases, a "selective" data measuring is desired in order to save memory resources. This funcionality is provided by this DAC diagram.


Triggered_Recording.PNGScreenshot from the Visual in "Recording" state



  • A function generator produces a sine.
  • We only want to record data when the value > 1.
  • If the window with undesired values [-10 ... 1] is entered, a trigger stops the data saving and hides the F1 car.
  • The Not operator inverts this trigger, starts the data saving and shows the F1 car.


Hardware and Software Requirements

DIAdem Base 2012 SP2 with DAC Kit (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Open Triggered Data Recording - DIA2012SP2.DAC

2. Start a measurement


Additional Information or References


Eric H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments