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Stepper Motor Driver

More experienced users will likely tell me I did this the hard way. It sure felt like it.

The LEDs on the screen indicate the the steps for several UNI-POLAR motors (nmbtc.com) that I swiped out of an old printer. I've tried this setup on several different Uni-Polar motors (6-wires; 2 sets of three) and it functions well.

I used a DAQ Express to wire the output to NI USB--6008. It uses the first four ports of the DO (p0.0, p0.1, p0.2, p0.3) to send the binary signal to the appropriate wire.

I never was able to figure out how to simultaneously have the LEDs and the motor output.

There is also a delay when changing directions; it doesn't fully change until the steps get back to Zero.

Member ROVERFixer

Oops... The first version of the ~DAQ vi was incorrect; corrected.

Member Jeck avla

i would like to ask how did u conect the motor to the DAQ??

Member ROVERFixer

I'm using a 6-wire stepper motor. As you are probably aware, two of these six wires are common power wires. The remaining four wires I connected to a breadboard with each wire attached to the output pin of its own darlington transistor. These transistors (hence, the motor) I powered with an external 15V DC power supply.

Then, P0.0, P0.1, P0.2, & P0.3 were used (configured as a Port) to activate the transistors in sequence.