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SPI Decoder for NI VirtualBench LabVIEW API


The goal of the VI is to provide a simple way to decode SPI packets acquired by the digital MSO channels of the NI VirtualBench.

It gives the user a similar experience like using the NI VirtualBench Application's built-in feature.


The VI has been optimized for flexibility and thus regenerates all data in the waveform. For a more resource-usage optimized implementation simply use the transition information from the digital data.

The SPI Test Example VI provides a simple way to test the decoder.


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Create a common acquisition application with the NI VirtualBench MSO API
  2. Connect the SPI Decoder for NI VirtualBench VI to the NI VB MSO Read VI's digital output.
  3. Select appropriate digital channels and SPI Mode



LabVIEW 2014, NI VirtualBench API


NI VirtualBench