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Retrieve All VeriStand System Definition Channels Without Deploying


Currently the VeriStand API allows you to retrieve all channels through the Get System Node Channel List.vi, a wrapped VI utilizing the VeriStand Client API. This API is used to automate the operation of the application on the execution host. However, there are some instances where one would like to obtain the channel list without needing to deploy the system definition. One such example is building an Alias text file for a large number of channels. In order to do this, the System Definition API must be used.

Steps to Complete



  1. Set the System Definition File Path to the location on disk where the system definition file is held.
  2. Set the Target Index to the index of the controller (in the system definition file) you would like to obtain the channels for.
  3. Set the Text File Path to the location on disk you would like to write the channel paths to.
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It's a very useful program. It works well but I need more information about channels.

I just change it to see DAQ, FPGA and Custom device channels. Is there a way to see if the channel is an input or an output ?

Best regard,