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Reading and Writing TXT to Report with DIAdem Script


This example shows File I/O (read and write) with TXT's and also inserts the read strings into a report.



  • First, we declare a global variable which is available to Script and Report (in my case "valar(4)").
  • In the report, we write the variables entries (e.g. @@valar(0)@@) to the desired locations.
  • In the script, the TXT gets opened, read and the strings are written into our variable (some TXT output is also produced).
  • Generate and refresh the report.


Hardware and Software Requirements

DIAdem Base 2012 SP2 (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Unzip TXT Read Write Report - DIA2012SP2.zip.

2. Run Read TXT.VBS.


Additional Information or References


Eric H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments