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Multiple Streams of Data of Multiple Channels to Single TDMS File

This example demonstrates how to write multiple data streams synchronously to a single .tdms file using the Advanced TDMS VIs and functions.  It modifies the existing LabVIEW example named "TDMS Advanced - Synchronously Write". 

This VI creates two data groups with two channels of data in each with the interleaved layout.

stream multi snippet.png

Member SteveBale

Hi Tamdemonium.

Please could you elaborate as to why we do not have the potential for a race condition here? If the upper "Set Channel Information" were to execute just before the lower TDMS Write surely the data would get written to the wrong channels? By changing the data your VI generates so it is a fixed value of 0 for 'group 1' and a fixed value of 1 for 'group 2' and then adding in some breakpoints I believe I may have induced this race condition.

Many Thanks,


Member NI-hilator

I too would like Steve's question answered.