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Multiple Smart Camera Inspections .NET VBAI/API Example


This is a modification to the .NET VBAI/API example shipped with Vision Builder AI.  It runs the VBAI Engine on 2 smart cameras.  Using the camera's IP addresses, the program runs the VBAI Engines located on the remote targets and runs the first inspection available on the target.  This results in 2 smart cameras running 2 separate inspections simultaneously using the VBAI/API.

Instructions for Running:

1. Develop VBAI Inspections you wish to deploy on Smart Cameras in Vision Builder.

2. Edit the combo boxes to include the IP addresses of the Smart Cameras with inspections you wish to run.

3. The program defaults to running the first available inspection on the Smart Camera Target.  However you can get the inspection you need from InspectionsArray1 and InspectionArray2 in the code.

4. When you run through the code you  a.) Lanch Smart Camera Engines b.) Open Inspection c.) Inspect will initiate the actual inspection.

5. Quit when you wish to end session.


Isaac S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments