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Logging with Labstep


A simple interface to post entries to your Labstep timeline



Labstep is an online laboratory management system, helping users organize and share protocols and experiments. 

The Labstep timeline can be used as a logbook, keeping track of user actions. 


This example program lets you post to the Labstep timeline directly from LabVIEW. The included subvi 'Post To Labstep Timeline.vi' can easily be integrated into your existing LabVIEW code for automated posts upon an event. This allows you to effortlessly create an audit trail - for example, automatically post to the timeline every time a user captures an image with a digital camera, including metadata such as aperture and exposure time. 


Hardware and Software Requirements

Labview 2015


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

0. Sign up for a Labstep account at http://www.labstep.com if you do not have one.
1. Run the user interface example 'Simple Timeline Post User Interface.vi'.
2. Enter your Labstep user name and password to get your API key.
    Or paste it in the API box if you know it already
3. Enter your timeline post and title in the text boxes.
4. Click "Post to Labstep" to add the entry to your Labstep timeline.
5. Click "View Labstep timeline" to view the new post in a web browser.
6. Press Stop to finish.



Additional Information or References

 More information about Labstep can be found at https://www.labstep.com/