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LabVIEW / Measurement I/O / NI-DAQmx / VI / NI USB-6002 / DAQ / Multifunction Device / Analog Output (DC)


This mode allows user to use the DAQ device as a normal function generator with the options to select the DC Input. The user needs to select the DAQmx Global Channel for output. Then output is generated on oscilloscope through hardware ports.



Analog Output mode, follows the same configuration as Analog Input. USB-6002 has two ports and one common ground. It also has trigger option from PFI0 and PFI1 ports.

Hardware and Software Requirements

 NI USB-6002, LabVIEW

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

 1. Connect USB-6002 through USB port.

 2. Download NI-DAQmx 18.0.0, Execute sample code "USB6002-AO(DC)" and run it.

 3. Connect the oscilloscope through AO port. Enter the DC Input.

 4. Monitor the waveform on oscilloscope.