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LabVIEW / Measurement I/O / NI-DAQmx / VI / NI USB-6002 / DAQ / Multifunction Device / Digital Output (DO)


Digital Output mode is used to generate output to digital ports/lines. The user requires to select the DAQmx Global Channel and click on the button corresponding to the port/lines, which will give a high output and LED goes high. The output is seen on the Multimeter.



 Ports and lines are operated simultaneously with the digital input port.

Hardware and Software Requirements

 NI USB-6002, LabVIEW

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

 1. Connect USB-6002 through USB port.

 2. Download NI-DAQmx 18.0.0, Execute sample code "USB6002-DO-port" and run it.

 3. Click on the button corresponding to the port/lines.

 4. Monitor the subsequent DO line status (High or Low) on multimeter.