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LABWAD - LLB to open WAD files from Doom & Doom2


Demonstrates how to read WAD files from original DOOM games.


Clipboard 2.jpg



As I wanted to train reading binary files, I wrote this small LLB to read IWAD & PWAD files of old DOOM & DOOM2 games (id Software).
You will need the original WAD files, that you can get for cheap on Steam or GOG websites.

Simply: launch the top-level vi and choose a .wad file to open.
The program will list the different objects in the wad, you can then select and display them. It manages Levels, Textures, Patches, Flats, Sprites & User Interface elements. You can export images in PNG with the drop-down menu. Musics, Sounds, Demos, etc... are not supported (but everyone is welcome to contribute!).

I tested it for original DOOM, DOOM2, TNT & PLUTONIA wads, it seems to work fine. However, the .wad format is quite versatile and some strange behaviour can appear:
* IWAD files are original files, with all information needed inside. These should open fine.
* PWAD files are mods, that will be added on top of an IWAD. For example, if a PWAD has only the E1M1 level, this one will be loaded from the PWAD and not from the IWAD. All the rest will be loaded from the IWAD. Opening such a PWAD with this LLB will only show the E1M1 level, as there is nothing else in the file.
* WAD files from other games such as HEXEN or HERETIC will not work properly, as many objects have different names (specially the THINGS List).
* Recent WAD files overcome many limitations of the old format, and are way more complicated. Those may create funny errors, as the opening process could be different.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Labview 2017, Vision 2017, OpenG libraries


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Run this VI.
2. Select a .wad file.
3. Clic on different items to display it.
4. Export as PNG is possible via drop-down menu on the displayed picture or the object list.
5. Quit by using the File > Quit menu.