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FlexRIO - High Throughput Streaming

This examples is show how to perform continuous high throughput data streaming from disk, to disk, and through memory. This example is compiled for all PXIe-796xR FlexRIO FPGA targets by default. This example is not configured for PXI-795xR FlexRIO targets due to the throughput limitations of the PXI bus.

This example uses the PXI-7966R as the FPGA target by default. To use this VI with another FPGA target, use the following steps to configure the host VI to use a VI configured for your FPGA target:

1. On the block diagram, right-click the Open FPGA VI Reference (PXI-7966R) VI and select Configure Open FPGA VI Reference.
2. Browse for a new target by clicking the Browse Project button in the Open VI section.
3. Select the VI under the target that matches your device. Click OK to select this VI.
4. Click OK to exit the dialog box and to apply the new selection to the FPGA VI.

Running the VI:
1. Select a RIO Resource that corresponds to the FPGA device configured above.
2. Select a source TDMS file that you will be streaming data to/from.
3. If present in the example, configure the Acquisition Size, Requested host Buffer Depth, Write Size, Read Size, Read/Write Size, Max TDMS Asynchronous Reads, MAX TDMS Asynchronous

Writes, and Requested (M) controls on the Host VI Front Panel.
4. Click the run arrow to run the VI.
5. Observe the Status of the Host Buffer as well as the Input and Output DMA FIFOs
6. Observe the achieved Streaming Throughput.
7. Click Stop on the Front Panel to stop the example


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-RIO

  • NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (NI PXIe-7966R )

This example is derived from the NI Example

Prabhakant Patil
Active Participant Remi.D
Active Participant

Hi Prabhakant,

First of all, this topic seems very good...

But, Hosts VIs are broken... Because of ROI FIFO methods, and TDMS VIs.

What is the LabVIEW version used on this project?

I try to open with:

- LV 2012 SP1 - Broken VIs

- LV 2011 SP1 - Can't open because the project was saved with newer version!


Rémi D.
National Instruments France

>> Les rencontres techniques de NI - Mesures et acquisition de données : de la théorie à la mise en ...

Active Participant xl600
Active Participant

It doesn't work with labView RT (Because of the TDMS functions used).  It also will not work on a host which does not have a DMA interface to the target RIO.