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Filtered Data Portal Search with DIAdem Dialog


This dialog performs a filtered group and channel search within the data portal.





  • First, the dialog search window is populated with the search entries in the data portal (if applicable).
  • Write_Box_X() transfers the filter strings to the data portal.
  • Refresh_Box_X() inserts the results into the list box.
  • For the group and channel filter search, events are present, so the search is happening automatically (the Data Portal has the same feature).
  • The Button "Select" triggers an output which returns the name and index of the marked item.


Hardware and Software Requirements

DIAdem Base 2011 (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Download Filtered Data Portal Search - DIA2011.SUD

2. In the Script Editor (ensure that your script is in the same directory), you can call the dialog using


Call SUDDefLoad(CurrentScriptPath & "Filtered Data Portal Search - DIA2011.SUD")
Call SUDDlgShow("Dialog_Box")



Additional Information or References


Eric H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments