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FPGA Motor Position Sequence 9505

Equipment List


NI 9505 Full H-Bridge Brushed DC Servo Drive Module

DC Brushed Servo Drive

In this project I developed a demo using FPGA and NI-9505 Module to reproduce a set of 5 sequence positions in memory. This could be used for example to open a safe box given a sequence of the positions.

I used some example codes from LabView and created my own progamming to complement this project


Jaime Peña
National Instruments Mexico
Ingeniería de Aplicaciones
Member Zaitouni

Hi James,

Thanks. Could you please advice on where I can find the 9505 DC brushed position (PID) closed loop FPGA target? I worked on it before in some previous version but in the current 2013SPI, it all about softmotion approch!