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Engineering TV Video: Testing the Wii with PXI

Engineering TV Video: Testing the Wii with PXI Part One

At NIWeek 2008, Barron Stone and Chetan Kapoor chose the Nintendo Wii to demonstrate using National Instruments technology to comprehensively test complex electronic systems. Nintendo Wii is a next generation gaming console that competes with the likes of Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3. In this demo, a Nintendo Wii was torn down to explore its inner operations and understand how PXI based systems can be used to comprehensively test its critical components. Various components such as the EEPROM on the Wii Remote, and Video and Audio output from the Wii console were tested using LabVIEW graphical programming language, and PXI based modular instruments.

Engineering TV Video: Testing the Wii with PXI Part Two

In Part 2 of this Engineering TV video, Barron discusses using the PXI-5114, a high-speed digitizer, to test the Wii's video signals. Using NIs patented NI-TClk (pronounced T-Clock) synchronization technology, these digitizers can be synchronized to create systems of up to 34 phase-synchronous 1 GS/s channels, or they can be integrated with other NI hardware to build a complete, automated mixed-signal test system. Chetan Kapoor reveals additional capabilities of the PXI modular system when working with the Nintendo Wii Remote.

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