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Bar Chart Creation with DIAdem Script


This project can draw bar charts as DIAdem has no such "out of the box" functionality.

BarChart - Copy.PNG



  • First, the report (TDR) is loaded.
  • The amounts are getting calculated.
  • We "shift" those amounts along the y-axis, otherwise the bars would be behind each other. The value of each shift equals the sum of the previously calculated amounts. The total of all those shifts (or amounts) equals 1 (or 100%).
  • Draw the bar chart.


Hardware and Software Requirements

DIAdem Base 2012 SP2 (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Unzip Bar Chart - DIA2012SP2.zip

2. Run BarChart.VBS


Additional Information or References

Further thoughts for visualizing bar charts of many channels:

Channel Indexing in DIAdem - National Instruments

Eric H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments