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Any sensor to LabView


How to connect any sensor to LabView 


By attached library  you can very easy to connect any of I2C or SPI sensor to LabView. You need only  USB to I2C/SPI interface UMFT4222EV.

Than you can use  entire powerful graphical interface of LabView to present sensor's data.  

What you can do:

 1. To connect any I2C/SPI device to LabView

 2. To evaluate newest  MEMS sensors.

3. Fast debugging algorithms to manage sensor's data.

4. To build simple DAQ cards by using I2C/SPI  DIO and ADC .


Hardware and Software Requirements

LabView  and UMFT4222EV board

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Download the zip file.

2. Install driver D2xxx.dll for UMFT4222EV. Read the Documents\DS_UMFT4222EV.pdf

3. Read datasheet on you sensor in order to understand I2C /SPI communication protocol. 

4. Open and edit according your I2C /SPI communication protocol  one of examples FT4222_I2C.vi or FT4222_SPI.vi

Additional Information or References

Member RG_L

Hello, I would like to use Labview to read/write, to a Texas Instruments bq27541 battery fuel gauge. I've never used I2C before, so I am in need of help for set up and usage.

Is the UMFT4222EV, suited for this task.