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PCI 7830R with SCB68


PCI 7830R with SCB68

Hello Sir... actually i am doing some projects in FPGA.... i have PCI7830R DAQ in my PC and i have to show the result or output to the real world using SCB68.... i attached a Door open Project with this mail....


My question is in this project i used down button to open the doors and Close button to shut the door.... i am using 0-5 doors here.... if i press down buttons continiously door starting to open one by one... but if i want to select a particular door should be open means...what i have to do???....


My second question is after running both sub and host VI.... after certain time i cleared the bit file in the main VI and started to run only the main VI not sub vi , but this time also it running perfectly and showing the output in SCB68..... after clearing the Bitfile its possible for Main VI to run Exactly?

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