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Example Code

Use Disabled Channel for a Trigger on PXIe-5162 or Other NI-Scope Device

Products and Environment

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Code and Documents


This example is a modified version of the Configured Acquisition example available for NI-Scope devices. 


This application allows the user to set up a disabled channel for use as an analog reference trigger source (edge, window, or hysteresis). This example is most useful for NI-Scope devices that do not have an available Trig connector on the front panel of the device. However, this functionality is generic enough to be used with any NI-Scope device. For more information on this functionality, please refer to the Knowledge Base article entitled Using a Disabled Channel to Trigger Acquisition with NI-Scope.



  1. LabVIEW 2012 (or compatible)

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Compete device configuration, like Resource Name , Channel(s) to Acquire and Trigger settings..
  2. Run the application

Additional Information or References

VI Snippet

 NI-Scope EX Configured Acquisition - Disabled Channel 2012 NIVerified.png 

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