Example Code

USRP - Bi-direction IQ data streaming over 10 GbE port, UDP packets on MGT sockets with real RF signals, LV FPGA

Products and Environment

This section reflects the products and operating system used to create the example.

To download NI software, including the products shown below, visit ni.com/downloads.


  • MXI-Express Cable
  • PXIe-1085
  • PXIe-5840
  • PXIe-8135
  • PXIe-8374
  • SFP Cable
  • SMA-SMA RF Cable
  • USRP-2954


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW FPGA Module

Code and Documents



With this example code is capable of full utilization of both RF ports of a 2954 USRP device, while also two way 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection through its SFP slots. UDP is used as communication protocol.


The example supports:

  • CW signal generation from Host side which can be directed to the USRP TX ports
  • Unpack samples from UDP packages received from MGT ports and direct the data to the USRP TX ports
  • Receive RF signal on the USRP RX ports and send the data to Host code
  • Receive RF signal on the USRP RX ports and send them in form of UDP packages through MGT sockets

The example is also capable of simultaneously sending and receiving UDP packages on both SFP sockets.














How to Use

For step-by-step instructions please see the attached RF transceiver and two way 10GigEth over MGT.pdf file.








Additional Information

To demonstrate the full functionality the SFP0 and SFP1 ports need to be connected with DIRECT ATTACH SFP cable. (With SFP2ETH/ETH2SFP converter, the communication wont work properly). Also need two Vector Signal Transceivers to generate RF signal for the USRP RX ports and to receive/display RF signals coming from the USRP TX ports. 











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Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.