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Specialty Digital Mode with an 9435 on a Compact RIO

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This Examples shows how to use the Specialty Digital mode on the NI 9435 universal digital input module. To complete this project you will need to match the configure this project to use your c RIO, by setting up the IP address.

Check out the following KnowledgeBase Article for step by step instructions for configuring specialty digital mode.

How Can I Perform Frequnecy Measurements with an NI-9435 Using the Scan Interface?

This project uses a cRIO 9074 in Scan Mode, you can use any cRIO that supports scan mode.

SD9435 Project Window.PNG

This is the Real Time host VI, which reads in the values from CTR0 and CTR1 and diplays them to the front panel.

SD9435 Real-Time Host BD.PNG

The front panel shows an instantanios vlaue and a chart history for each counter.

SD9435 Real-Time Host FP.PNG

Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.