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Save an LLB to the Previous Version of LabVIEW

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This VI performs a "Save for Previous" operation on a folder of LLBs so  that the entire LLB is in the format of the previous version of LabVIEW.   This VI is useful if you need to port an entire LLB of VIs to another  computer running the previous version of LabVIEW.

Steps to Complete

  1. Press Run.
  2. Browse for the folder containing the LLBs you wish to convert.
  3. Press the Find LLBs button.
  4. Select the LLB(s) you wish to convert, or press select all.
  5. Press Convert.


Additional Notes

This VI was intended for LabVIEW version 6.0, to convert files back to 5.0. Some modification may be required to suit it to a different version.

Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Great tool !! Kudos

Since a lot of people use this, I have add a extra combo box for selecting the desired version to convert to. This vi is named 'sav4prev- with ver. combo box.vi'. Since there is no way to attach files in comments, I have included this vi in the original post as a 2nd attachment.

Once again great work and thanks.

New changes to original vi.jpg


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Excellent tool !!!  this just saved me much time, and my colleague can hold off on upgrading to LV 2010 for now.

Many thanks DS13.  As an NI employee perhaps you could get this feature integrated into LV 

Peter Badcock
Product Development
ResMed Ltd.
Active Participant
Active Participant

Well thank you,  but I don't think I have quite that much power. However, if you head on over to http://www.ni.com/ideas you can make suggestions like this. The suggestions are actively monitored by R&D, especially by Aristos Queue.


Thanks so much for making this tool! This saved me so much time. I attached a modified version of this that I used since I redid a project that used ALOT of subdirectories. I hope it helps some other folks who have large directory structures that they need to save as a previous version. This will duplicate the entire structure with a mirrored version in the chosen revision. It's pretty relentless, and will print out warnings, but will just keep chugging through anyway to the next file/folder. It also keeps the LLB structure intact.

This was used to save Labview 2010 files for use on 2009SP1


Exellent. Good Job.