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Labview Import Multisim Design - How know the frequency of signal ?

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Hello. Thanks for you atention. I am living in Portugal, i am a student of a engineering cours in Lisbon University.


I will describe my problem, or my doubt. If you help me i will be grateful. 


I created a simulation in Multisim.  A stable square wave oscillator, with a opamp and  a condenser and Resistance, more or less.


In multisim simulation,  it works good. I have a good square wave in osciloscope.


iIn Labview 2019, through the Simulation -> External Models -> Multisim -> multisimDesign tool, i have imported this design do block diagram of labview. 


I placed it inside a simulation cycle.


The problem is that I can't get the frequency of the square wave generated in the multisim, through the Tone tool.


I can only visualize it in the waveform  Graph.


My question is how can I get a numerical indicator that tells me what is the frequency of the signal generated in the multisim simulation?


I already understand that the multisim sends only one signal to Labview, the amplitude.


How can i use Tone or another tool to know the frequency of the sinal from multisim Design ?


Thanks for you help. 


Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.


Thanks for help. 🙂


Nobody helps... ? 😕 Where are the experts..?