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LED Scrolling Display Program for Data Dashboard

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Note: NI is no longer updating Data Dashboard and the Data Dashboard download is no longer available on the App Store nor Google Play. Consider using WebVIs ​​​​​​​ for your LabVIEW-based web application needs.




This program displays scrolling text via LEDs on an iPad using Data Dashboard.




Installation Instructions:


On PC:


     1. Open the attached LabVIEW Project.



     2. Open the LED Boolean.vi.


     3. Run the VI.

Host VI.png



On the iPad:

  1. (Optional) Use the Retargeter Application to update the dashboard's server location.
  2. Open the attached dashboard (.lvdd).
  3. Update variables and web services if Step 1 was skipped.

          3.1 Click on each Shared Variable button as shown below and click the Shared Variable Editor (Green Icon).

Step 1.png


        3.2 Choose the property that you would like to modify.



       3.3 Select your connection (this will be Shared Variables if you are hosting them from a host computer). 



     3.4 Enter your Server IP or host name.

Server Connection.png


      3.5 Select the LEDBoolean Web Service Library.




      3.6 Select the variable assocated with the control.

Variable Selection.png


     4. Repeat Step 3 for each Shared Variable and Web Service.

     5. Run the Application.

     6. Change the LED Text pull down to display other words.

Allison M.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.