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Get Serial Number of NI Hardware Programmatically

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  • NI-DAQmx

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This example explains how to get the serial number and other information of NI hardware programmatically.


How to Use

  • For all NI devices
    NI System Configuration API can be used to get the serial number of NI hardware devices. 
    Download the example Get_Hardware_Info.vi for more detail.
  • For NI DAQ devices
  1. The serial number could be acquired by DAQmx property node. In the function palette of the block diagram, the "Device Node" could be found at Measurement I/O > Advance > I/O Constant > Device Node.

  1. Choosing the information needed by clicking the Device Node and select in the Identification category

  1. Assigning the DAQ device and executing the vi would get the information of the DAQ hardware.


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