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Example Code

Get Section of Waveform Channel in DIAdem

Products and Environment

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  • Diadem

Code and Documents




This VB script will create a new waveform channel from a section of another channel while keeping the time data intact.



The VB script follows this KnowlegeBase article. This example is a workaround because DIAdem does not save the time data when you make a new channel from a section of waveform data. The next edition will include using the cursors or flags to identify what section of the Waveform channel to duplicate.



  • DIAdem


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Open in DIAdem SCRIPT
  2. Change constants as needed
  3. Load channel you with to take a section of
  4. Set Active Channel Group in Data Portal
  5. Run script
  6. See new channel that is generated by the script



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