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EVEAI is a Deep Learning Library based on python Keras and Tensorflow. EVEAI dll allows embedding inference images from keras models into user-written applications. Under Windows, the EVEAI training Tool provides services to train user specific image datasets and EVEAI dll provides services to existing Windows applications which support inference images.


You can find this project here


For labVIEW users , you do not need to learn python/tensorflow/keras , all you need to do is :

1. Prepare your own dataset.

2. Make annotation by training tool.

3. Train models by training tool.

4. Evaluate result by training tool.

5. Follow the sample code to integrate EVEAI to your project.

Vision Applications

Image Classification:

Assigning a label to an image, for example:Labeling an image is a cat or a dog.

Semantic Segmentation

Segmenting pixels in an image to different categories of object, for example: street view image segmentation.

Object Detection(MaskRCNN) (only inference,still working for annotation tool)

Tracking multiple objects in an image,for example: real-time tracking chinese chess positions. This algorithm source code is written by fizyr



Using MaskRCNN algorithm to detect different screws and washers including 2 screws are not for detect.



1. Make sure download CPU or GPU runtime and training tool

2. Install CPU or GPU runtime

3. Install training tools , labview sample code is inside.

4. Prepare your own image dataset , use training tool to do annotation and training deep learning model.

5. Evaluate trained model result by using training tool.

6. Modify model path in sample code to your model path.



1. Sample code is written in LabVIEW2015(x86) , should be work for all version.

2. x86/x64 dll are ready to use , so x64 labview should be ok.



My project is here , feel free to ask questions.


Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.




Which video hardware do you use?



I use a commerical USB2.0 webcam Joy-DocCam V500



I have downloaded and set up CPU 1.14.0, GPU 1.14.0 Toolkit installers and AI installer on my computer. When I run the AI training tool, training tool screen doesn't change. Turning balls and writes "loading" on the screen  (I have waited approximately 1 hour but no changes happened). After that, I have run the Segmentation Inference Example on Labview software but again no change in minutes (Loading, please wait). 

I don't know if I made an mistake while set up process but I did not get any error messages during the set up.
Specificitations of my laptop:
-Intel core i5-5200U CPU
-4 GB Ram
-Windows 7 Proffesional 64 bit
-NI Labview 2015 
I would like to use such a useful tool, if I run it successfully.
Thanks for your kind interest...