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Crop Images with NI Vision Acquisition Software

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This simple subVI can be used to crop Images in NI's VAS. While this is a built in function in NI's Vision Development Module, it is easy to achieve using the cheaper VAS toolkit. Context Help describes the inputs/outputs for this subVI.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Software: NI Vision Acquisition Software (VAS) February 2016 (may work with earlier versions)

Software: LabVIEW 2015 (may work with earlier versions)

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

A tip for implementation is to pull the Global Rectangle from an Image Indicator on your front panel. The user can draw a rectangle on the image and use that to crop another copy of the image for saving to disk. If saving a video, make sure to lock the cropped image size once you start saving, otherwise you will experience an error in mismatched frame size.

Additional Information or References

Contributor: MDI-AJT

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