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2D Graph Preview with Dialog Box in DIAdem

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  • Diadem

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This example shows you how to use Curve2DPreview Control function in VBScript.

How to Use

  1. Open the SCRIPT tab of the DIAdem, and press the button create user dialog box function.
  2. Run the attached Dlg_Curve2DPreview.SUD from the DIAdem DIalog Editor. (Or double-click the SUD file to launch the Editor.)
  3. Press the Test in DIAdem button to launch Dialog from DIAdem.

Note : Each color of the different channels displayed in the 2D graph can be changed by modifying the RGB color in Select_Curve_Color, a function defined by the user.


Displays the data in the DIAdem Data portal, and examples of 2D graph preview are as follows:

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